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"I\'ve used your service for over three years now and I am extremely happy with the whole experience. Unlike many internet sites, there is a genuine human presence - one that is always ready to assist and knows the meaning of customer service. Orders are always promptly fulfilled and dispatched and there has never been any problem - delivery frequently takes 7 days or less."


There are?2 payment options: Paypal and Money order

Paypal payment

Please send payment to : ---------------------


Money order via Emoneygram or Westernunion


In case you desire not to pay via credit card, you can send money to us with Emoneygram or Westernunion. We will ship your order once we receive your Ref. number or Money Transfer Controlled Number (MTCN number), and then prompt inform you the tracking number.

We are willing to absorb your transfer fee by adding extra 10% worth of your order. Please email to sales@clickyourneed.com for the items you want us add to your order.

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